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360° video productions

The world around us is… all around us. And yet traditional video offers only a limited viewport on reality. Our specialists broaden your scope with professional 360 degree ​video productions. We create highly immersive experiences, effectively dealing with the practical challenges and the whole new approach to storytelling.

The world as we see it

Contrary to traditional video, where the field of view is limited to a relatively small angle, 360 video captures everything around us, in a 360 degree sphere. This requires special 360 cameras, or a rig that holds multiple standard view cameras. The latter system requires “stitching” of the separate images in postproduction. Both approaches have their advantages, depending on the required shots. As professional stitching is a sophisticated and time consuming process, it complicates the production, but (today) leads to the highest picture quality. We offer both workflows for optimal 360 productions.

A novel form of storytelling

Because we capture the full surroundings, it is impossible to know what the viewer will eventually be focusing on (within the 360 sphere) at any given moment. So a traditional script, where the attention of the viewer is directed to the image, no longer works. Writing 360 stories is a whole different skill that requires an in-depth knowledge on how to combine several factors, such as audiovisual cues and natural curiosity in building up the story.

Different production tools

Because the camera records the full sphere around it, everything is captured… so there is no room for the traditional lighting, cameraman, sound engineer or director. Our crews are experienced in lighting a scene for 360 and creating shots without unwanted “obstacles”. We even designed specific hardware and jigs, such as a remote controlled motorized rig that holds a stabilized 360 camera for typical travel shots through a building or office.

A new editing language

As with script writing and storytelling, 360 videos come with their own editing do’s and don’ts. Our editors have the software tools and the know-how to finish a 360 video that entices people without leaving them with a headache. Sound is an important contributor to a good experience as well. Surround recordings, combined with a professional voice-over and an appropriate musical bed, raise the level of professionalism and the level of immersion.

Technical consultancy

Enjoying 360 video to the fullest requires the right streaming format, the most suitable player and the best displays or goggles. Our consultants can guide you in the setup and playback of the 360 videos for your target audience.

360° video
360° video
360° video