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Cartoon animation services

We let your animated company mascot take the viewer by the hand… or create a team of cartoon figures to explain a process, a strategy or an e-learning topic that is otherwise hard to visualize or slightly dull. Cartoon animation can greatly improve the attention span and the retention of your message.

Let the cartoon do the talking

Technical or artistic, business-like or wildly creative, adding some extra “personality” brings great value to your communications and marketing tool set. Where a still image or a chart fails to tell the story, bringing it to life with high quality animated figures offers a much livelier experience. Our animators can bring your company mascot to life or design a character from scratch.​

Conceptual design

Every cartoon animation needs to be part of the message you want to convey, and not just some gimmick to make people wonder where the link is. Our specialists know how to conceive and write a compelling story that is coherent with the “serious” content. They will produce a storyboard and design a look and feel for the whole presentation.

Serious characters

Whether the character is the host or one of a series of cartoon actors in a fully scripted story, our animators can create the figures in line with your corporate guidelines, or bring the company mascot to life. Both traditional hand drawn cartoon animation and computer generated 3D character animation can be offered, to suit your message best. The cartoon figures can even be integrated into virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR) projects.

Cartoon animation
Cartoon animation
Cartoon animation